Love never fails. Love never ends.

Hello! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. SHP is under construction, so I’ve been wanting to wait until it’s done. We are almost there! However, this post needed to be pulished.

I was blessed enough to have photographed my grandmother-in-law’s wedding. ¬†Yes, my husband’s grandmother got married this past summer. I have never seen such love and joy during a wedding from all those involved. It was a demonstration that love knows no age, no limit.

That being said, the groom passed just a few days ago. So now is the perfect time to showcase their love. It was a small, quaint wedding in the bride’s backyard. The groom arrived on a big green tractor, and that’s also how they left after the ceremony. It was such a lovely afternoon that will forever live in our hearts.

walking up the aisle


the rings



cutting the cake

getaway tractor

in the field