Sassy Senior Photos

On this unusually below freezing day here in Atlanta, I’m reminded of this great photo shoot. It was supposed to be a very rainy day, but it ended up being beautiful, though a little muggy. This girl was fun to shoot, and more of a tomboy than our usual female clients. She even brought her dog along with her to join in on the fun. The dog didn’t seem to mind the heat that day, and neither did anyone else.
I can’t wait until this winter is over and I can get back to doing what I love!











Senior portraits with memories from the past

I’ve found that one of my favorite places to photograph is the Marietta Square. This lovely girl and her mother joined me there on a rather hot day for some photo fun. Her photogenic personality seemed to bubble through in every photo, regardless of the southern summer heat. She even brought an old headband she wore in her first ever school picture. It almost brought tears to her mom’s eyes to see her little girl all grown up.

I apologize for the great delay in between these posts. I will try to do better in the future!










Beautiful Baby………BOY!

I had the opportunity to photograph a friend’s newborn son. (I also photographed the mom and dad’s wedding several years ago!) The couple decided to wait to learn if they were going to have a son or daughter. Their handsome young man was an angel to shoot and barely fussed! For being only one week old to the day, he was a great model.








Brother’s Betrothal

I was overjoyed to hear that my twin brother was engaged, and even more elated that I was able to take their engagement photos! They truly are the all-American couple – a firefighter and a teacher. We roamed around downtown Longview finding more industrial locations to photograph. And of course we had to take some at the fire station, too! It was one of my favorite shoots because I got to see how happy my brother is with his fiance.