Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Some of you may or may not know that I love horses. I used to teach lessons and run riding programs for high schoolers at a summer camp. I loved it! I’ve been missing it lately, so here’s my collection of favorite pictures from the camp. Riding was something I never thought I’d do, and it brought me such joy. You form a bond with your horse; he perks up when he sees you, almost smiles when you take him for a ride. It is this bond with a very special horse I am missing these days.

Sand in Your Toes

I recently celebrate my second wedding anniversary! We went to Florida for some fun in the sun and ended up on the sand in Daytona Beach. On our last day we wanted to see the sunrise. Even though it was cloudy, it was still a beautiful morning. We were surprised by a friendly heron who wanted to check the surf for some breakfast.

Study of a Flower

One of my favorite kinds of photography to do is macros of botanicals. I was at the park one afternoon, reading in the shade, and I looked over and saw these two tiny flowers. I proceeded to fill my card with different angles and compositions. I love how such a tiny little blossom can really pop a picture!

An Artsy Weekend

This weekend was full of art, and rather inspiring. We went to an art show in the Marietta square on Saturday, followed by trips to antique stores. Sunday we went to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, for free!! If you are a Bank of America card holder, you should check out this site to see where you can go for free!

Classic Beauty

Even with all the digital advances of photography, sometimes there’s nothing better than a great black and white print. We’ve come a long way from working with plate glass prints and darkroom chemicals. Yet at the same time, this classic will never go out of style! The texture stands out more, and you see the underlying beauty.